[Market-farming] Epsom salts for Melons?

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Hi, Richard (and everyone else)!


My Penn State soil tests have suggested Mg for certain crops, so I’ve added Epsom salts when planting asparagus and tomatoes.  Those crops have done very nicely with the addition.


I’ve been adding a tablespoon to the planting hole for peppers for years (before this farm) – it really seems to help produce a better quality pepper fruit – less blossom end rot (makes no sense, but there it is), better formation of the pepper ends, especially when sliced open for cooking.  I’ve forgotten to put the Epsom salts on some pepper plants and really seen the fruit quality suffer.  So I keep doing it.


I might spray some melons with it and not others, to see what happens.  But figured I’d tap into the knowledge on the list (especially since folks wanted to talk! ;-))




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My certified organic inspector seeks documentation of mineral deficiency, before allowing its application.  I agree it's a sound principle.


Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate.  Do your soil tests identify deficiencies of either of these minerals?


(Certain corn growers in my area do include sulfur in their fertilizer mix, per state ag recommendations for our soils.)


It's possible the foliar spray may make those minerals more available during melon formation and ripening, even if present in sufficient amounts in soil.


If you do use Epsom salts, please leave at least a few plants untreated, please quantify any differences.  And let us know...


Glad you are asking about this!


Out to plant more peppers



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Hi, Folks!

Since everyone seems to want to talk about something, I thought I'd toss a
question out here.

Saw in Nolte's Produce Supply catalog the notation that "spray your melons
with Epsom salts to make them sweeter."

Never done this - I've added Epsom salts to the planting hole for peppers
and tomatoes and seen a real improvement in fruiting, but hadn't heard about
this for melons.

Do people do this?  In the planting hole and/or foliar feeding when the
melons are about ripe?

Discuss and thanks for your input!


Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

75 Creamery Road

Pottstown, PA 19465



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