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I'm still on and check the list regularly.  It's a tough time of year to
check email promptly. It rained almost all of May in Denver, including snow
on Mother's Day for a second year in a row.  It has finally dried out and
warmed up, so am frantically catching up.


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Thanks for the horrible news.:((  Facebook sucks a big pickle.
This list was informative and personal, very enjoyable.  I'd wondered as
well where everyone was.  Too bad no one spoke up before, or as, migrating.
Perhaps more customers see them on f'book and that's the appeal.  But airing
the ideas about marketing and pricing and other technical details is kind of
like hanging your underwear in public.

Thanks, Beth.


On 6/2/2015 6:48 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:
> I miss it too.  I think most folks went over to a farmers market 
> vendors list on Facebook, and it is OK, but not as good as this was.
> On 6/2/2015 11:12 AM, Mike Brabo wrote:
>> I'm getting your email Carla.
>> I've also wondered what's happened to this group.
>> Mike
>> Vesterbrook Farm

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