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I think it might be better to hear from folks in your region about specific varieties Beth. But I don't think the varieties need to be sh2. The se types or synergistic types will do well. They all hold well after harvest if you can keep them cool and out of the sunshine. They hold pretty well on the plant as well. Most sweet corn producers harvest every day, or every other day, but that is because their market demands it. The tricky part will be getting specific plantings to be at their prime on the specific day-of-the-week you hand off to your CSA customers. Heat unit development can create odd spreading of maturities in sweet corn sometimes. That problem may not be as bad in New England as it is in the Midwest or Great Plains states. See if some of the growers near you, or your seed folks, can help you address variety choice and staggered plantings.

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After years of swearing I wouldn't grow sweet corn, I am seriously
comtemplating doing it for our CSA members.  BUT,  that means once a
week harvest.  I assume I need to go with one of the sh2 varieties? Any
suggestions - near Burlington VT in the valley.

Beth Spaugh
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