[Market-farming] Heating mats and thermostat for sale

Darren Young darren at thegardenspace.com
Fri Feb 20 01:54:38 EST 2015

I have (2) Pro-Grow PM-4 22"x46" heavy duty heat mats and a Pro-Grow
thermostat for sale. I used these on shelves for seed starting for 3 years.
They are *very* heavy duty, each one will hold (4) 1020 trays. I also have
a Pro-Grow GC-1 120v thermostat to control them. The GC-1 has only one
output on it, I used a power strip to connect the heating mats to it. All
of the specs say the GC-1 can handle 720 watts which equates to 1-2 mats.

The mats cost around $140 each new, the thermostat was around $80 for a
total of $360. I'm asking $200 for the set of (2) PM-4 mats and (1) GC-1
thermostat. They're in very good shape, I cleaned them after every use.

Links to the mats online are here <http://www.growers-inc.com/13pg-pm4.html>,
the controller link is here

Contact me off list via email if you're interested,
darren at thegardenspace.com. I can send pics if necessary.

Total shipping weight for the set is 22 lbs.
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