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Tue Feb 17 09:08:08 EST 2015

Thanks Etienne. That is exactly the one I have.  I am using an extension 
cord (not much choice), but a real heavy duty one (DH is a carpenter so 
we have heavy ones).  I did not leave it on long last night when 
testing.  I will turn it on today and leave it to test. I may have to 
forgo the thermostat automation and just turn it on in the afternoon to 
heat the plug trays and leave it on over night.  I was originally 
concerned about "cooking" the plugs, but don't think that will be a problem.
Reassuring to know they work for you. I have them strung 6 to 7 inches 
apart. How close are yours?

On 2/17/2015 7:02 AM, Etienne Goyer wrote:
> I am using this brand of heat cable:
> http://www.homehardware.ca/en/rec/index.htm/Heating-Ventilation-Cooling-Home-Comfort/Heating/Cables/Roof-Pipe/61-Meter-Roof-Gutter-De-icing-Kit/_/N-2pqfZ67l/Ne-67n/Ntk-All_EN/R-I5513269?Ntt=heating+cable
> It does get quite warm, although not to the point that you cannot hold
> it in your hand when plugged in.
> You probably thought about it already, but just in case, have you tried
> to plug it somewhere else?  If you use an extension cord, for example,
> perhaps you don't get enough amps to get the cable real warm.  Something
> to try.
> On 15-02-16 09:04 PM, Beth Spaugh wrote:
>> There was discussion that some folks used roof gutter deicing cables for
>> bottom heat.  How warm do these get?
>>   I just set up an 8 x 16 foam "table" with 200 feet of the cable. Before
>> putting plants on figured I'd better test. The cable barely gets warm,
>> certainly not hot.  I was planning on using this in my unheated
>> hoophouse to keep seedlings from freezing at night.  I can't see that it
>> will put out near enough heat, fast enough.  I have it on a "cube"
>> thermostat, to come on at 35 and off at 45.  I was planning on keeping
>> the whole thing full of flats, and that the heat would come up through
>> the plugs, making nice warm roots. Seriously doubting this will happen.
>> Hopefully after this week we will be done with frequent below zero
>> nights.  I know that with frequent daytime sunshine, under row cover it
>> seldom gets below 15.  Because of condensed ice on the bottom of the row
>> cover.  If it doesn't freeze I don't know that I'll get that extra
>> protection.  But I do have three layers of ag-19 row cover plus a light
>> plastic, and can lay foamboard over the top (sides just row cover and
>> plastic).
>> Those who have used these -  please chime in with your experience. Thank
>> you.

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