[Market-farming] Woodward Crossing Wunderbar Tool System

stonecirclefarm tds.net stonecirclefarm at tds.net
Sat Feb 7 13:08:01 EST 2015

Does anyone have experience with the Woodward Crossing suite of tools,
especially the undercutter?  On the topic of undercutters, I'm curious
about horsepower requirements and the difference in functionality and
performance between simple undercutter bars (such as made by Woodward
Crossing and others) compared to PTO driven undercutters.  Does the PTO
driven type help with less than ideal soil conditions?  The Woodward
Crossing site suggests that their tool works best in suitable,
well-prepared, raised beds and they recommend digging a trench at the head
of each bed to get started.  I have short bed lengths and am not interested
in digging a whole series of trenches!

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