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There are alot of people that forage ramps along the roads, and other
places. many people look at my prices and say, I can go dig my own, instead
of buying them. 

I am very careful when harvesting the ramps. I do not dig all in a patch, or
in a bunch. I need mine to continue to grow for me for many many years. I do
have areas that I do not touch, and those are spreading more each year. 



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Price should be high for ramps.  It is in HIGH demand.  My suggestion is
that ramps are best sold to chefs who are REALLY wanting them.


Watch how you are harvesting them.  


We have been seeding them the last two springs and have seen good results so
far in reestablishing them in the woods and hillside on our farm.


Establishing them on your farm is the ONLY way to preserve them, the demand
is going to outstrip any type of sustainable wild foraging methods as
EVERYONE wants ramps right now.


Here is a little post on our new website about ramps and the particulars of
what we have been doing.


Just some food for thought.


Richard Stewart

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On Apr 17, 2015, at 9:20 AM, Ken Bezilla <kenbez at hotmail.com> wrote:

For anyone who's in Tennessee -- Sow True Seeds in Asheville, NC listed
"wild harvested Tennessee ramps" in their 2015 catalog and they're already
sold out so they might be interested in buying more ramps (and as a seed
company, they might pay more than you'd get at market)

Ken Bezilla
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
central VA

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