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A ramp/ Wild leeks are the most delicious plant, kinda like an
onion/leek/garlic flavor. Ours grow in an area that has a creek and lots of
trees. And lots of rocks, and grow with the roots under tree roots. Very
hard to dig out the roots. Makes great soups, stirfries, other nice dishes
and etc.  They are only around for about a month. I have been told that
ramps have a purplish color where the wild leeks are white. I don't know if
this is true, I have both growing together.  I freeze a lot for winter
soups. Everything on them is good to eat, I don't eat the roots, though. 




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on line it is 19.95/lb.  


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What is a ramp


A wild plant related to leeks. Highly seasonal, and often in great demand
when available.

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Can anyone out there tell me how I should present ramps at the farmers'
market and what I should charge for them?  I few years ago an old guy at our
market was putting them in a little bunch of four or five and selling them
for a dollar.  That seems a little expensive in a way but I would not charge
less than that amount.


Sounds cheap to me; but they're hard to come by around here if you can find
them at all. I don't have any on the place, and have never tried to
establish them.


The only price I can find right now that has any on my list of pricing sites
is Park Slope in New York City, and they're getting 12.37 a pound. 





-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think

Fresh-market organic produce, small scale




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