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Pricing RampsSue – the goggle search shows on line 19.95/lb  

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I don't know how many ramps/wild leeks I put into a bundle. I have been selling them for $3/bunch, not a huge bundle. I think this has been too cheap, and will go up to $4 this Spring. Maybe a little more. They are so much work digging them up and cleaning them.  They are so delicious! I keep them in a big bowl with water in it, for the Markets. That keeps them fresher.




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Can anyone out there tell me how I should present ramps at the farmers’ market and what I should charge for them?  I few years ago an old guy at our market was putting them in a little bunch of four or five and selling them for a dollar.  That seems a little expensive in a way but I would not charge less than that amount.

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