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Hi, Rivka!


It's easy enough to fold the bubble wrap so that it makes a little air tube
here and there around the braid.  Then you put the covered braid in the box
and lightly stuff more bubble wrap around it.  It doesn't need a lot of air
- just a bit here and there.  You use the tape more to keep the folded
bubble wrap in place, rather than to "tack every bit down."


I'd send doing Priority Mail, rather than say, Parcel Post, so that it gets
there faster.  Tell the buyer to take it out of the box and bubble wrap when
they get it or at least loosen the bubble wrap so that there is some air to
the braid.





Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

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Thanks, Dorene!


-- but I'm a bit confused. How does it breathe through bubble wrap? 


-- Rivka



On Apr 10, 2015, at 3:38 PM, GarlicGrower wrote:

Hi, Rivka!


I am the Queen of Bubble Wrap when it comes to shipping garlic. In my
experience, you can't use too much to cushion the garlic in shipping. 


Make sure your garlic is completely dormant (dried down) when you ship the
braid, wrap it in bubble wrap with tape so it doesn't come apart and maybe
put a few discrete holes in the cardboard box so it can breathe (doesn't
have to breathe much, but some air is good) and you should be okay.  If you
have a long braid, you might want to secure it to a "backbone" of cardboard,
then wrap the bubble wrap and put it in the cardboard box.


Hope this helps.





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