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Fri Apr 10 14:07:38 EDT 2015

Hi, Folks!

Based on everyone's advice, my scale is ordered (and shipped!) and I'm going
to the Kutztown Produce Auction at their next Nursery Plant Sale (might as
well spend money on fun plants as well as get bags and boxes! ;-D)  Thanks
so much!


The husband is worried about using the "right sort" of plastic containers to
harvest asparagus, store it for the farmer's market and then display it at
the farmer's market and wonders if you folks have some advice.


He's worried because as a long-distance runner, he's become very picky about
his water bottles because he can't stand the "plastic" taste that the water
often gets after sitting in certain bottles. Since asparagus is stored and
displayed in a plastic container that has water in the bottom to keep the
asparagus hydrated, he's concerned that if we use the wrong type of plastic
container, the water and then the asparagus will taste awful.

What are your experiences with storing/displaying asparagus? Is his concern
justified? What type of containers do you use for the steps of harvesting,
storing in the frig/cooler, hauling to the farmer's market and displaying
for sale?

Thanks for everyone's help!  

(I really want this asparagus to go well and just haven't done it on this
scale before.  If anyone has garlic questions, I completely understand that
crop and can be helpful in return! J)



Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

75 Creamery Road

Pottstown, PA 19465








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