[Market-farming] drain for washing and packing shed

Andy Fellenz artisanfarms at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 12:39:31 EDT 2014

Good point, but I would like the water to leach out over a large area
following the run of the pipe, rather than have it all discharge into a
ditch along the hedgerow.

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Etienne Goyer <
etienne at lejardinduvillage.ca> wrote:

> Just small comment.
> On 14-10-28 08:22 AM, Andy Fellenz wrote:
> > Right now, the water just drains off the side of the building and down
> > the hill.  I'll be putting in a piece of perforated drain line this fall
> > to take it away from the building.  When I do this, I'll install a small
> > catch basin at the transition to allow even more soil to settle out of
> > the water before the wash water enters the perforated drain line.
> I am actually building a washing and packing area.  For the drain, I
> decided to go with regular sewer line (the 4" white ABS pipe).  It more
> expensive, but I fear a perforated drain would accumulate soil particle
> and muck in the concentric grooves, and would thus tend to block.
> Just sayin'.
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