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Dorene:  Not sure this is efficient, but I know of people who are using a weed whacker t o shred leaves—put them in a trash can and zap them.  That’s probably not practical for an acre, but I wonder if it would work to whack leaves piled up in large piles.  Aren’t there also lawnmowers that have a shredding  capacity—just mow over them?


Good luck.





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Not sure what your budget is here.  I'd think the most efficient (human-hour wise) might be a leaf shredder/vac, like some landscape crews use.  I know some (most?) of them l just vac but not shred but maybe with creativity you could probably modify to shred.  On a smaller scale, I've used one of these for years. 



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Hi, Folks!

We have an acre of oak/hickory/maple woodland in the middle of our farm and the leaves are relatively easy to gather.  I wanted to shred them both for the chickens I’m getting (deep litter method) and for mulch for the garlic.  What’s your most efficient way of shredding lots of leaves?


We have a BCS with a BIO-150 chipper/shredder, but the leaves keep getting jammed in the shredder chute.  We’re using a pole to stir the leaves to get them to the blades, but if there is a more efficient way to shred an acre’s worth of leaves, I’m all ears.






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