[Market-farming] Shredding Leaves Efficiently

GarlicGrower garlicgrower at green-logic.com
Sun Nov 23 07:52:05 EST 2014

Hi, Folks!

We have an acre of oak/hickory/maple woodland in the middle of our farm and
the leaves are relatively easy to gather.  I wanted to shred them both for
the chickens I'm getting (deep litter method) and for mulch for the garlic.
What's your most efficient way of shredding lots of leaves?


We have a BCS with a BIO-150 chipper/shredder, but the leaves keep getting
jammed in the shredder chute.  We're using a pole to stir the leaves to get
them to the blades, but if there is a more efficient way to shred an acre's
worth of leaves, I'm all ears.






Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

75 Creamery Road

Pottstown, PA 19465





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