[Market-farming] Pellet Heat for Greenhouse

Jay Sleichter jaysleichter at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 24 01:42:19 EDT 2014

We have a community building in our area that is used 2-3 times a month for meetings and get togethers.  They have an old wood burning floor furnace.  It is an old brick school house.  Several years ago the insurance people said they would drop their insurance if they continued to use the old wood floor furnace.  It warmed the building to the point of having to open a few windows.  They also had a propane heater, but that got to the point of cost prohibitive and several times people didn't turn it off and wasted lots of propane. The community members found a pellet stove and sized it for the building, insurance was happy with it and they installed it.  The problem now is, unless you are standing in front of or very near the pellet stove , you are cold.  Despite being sized right, it doesn't warm up the building.  

All that to say, I don't think a pellet stove will produce enough heat, for that big of space to do any good.  Maybe I am wrong, but I am just speaking from what I know.  



Jay's Jellies, Produce and More
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On Saturday, March 22, 2014 1:28 PM, David Paysnick <davepays at gmail.com> wrote:
I'm looking to install wood pellet heat in a 18x96' 

Does anyone have a unit that they are particularly happy 
Do you have one that you would suggest avoiding?  

What did you pay for it?  


David Paysnick
Rainbow Harvest Farms
178 Conway St.
Greenfield, MA 01301

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