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I can tell you, in summer bunched beets, usually 3 to a buch, about ¾ lb
total, go for $3 to $4 each bunch.


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I have been delivering Hakurei Turnips and Baby Beets to local consumers and
restaurants and am interested in others pricing. I am bunching the Turnips
5-6 per bunch about 1lb, Beets 5 -6 per bunch 1lb to 1.5 lbs, selling them
to on-farm retail customers for $2.50. I am selling them wholesale to chefs
bulk in 1.19 bushel boxes 15 to 18 lbs for $2.00 per lb. I have several
chefs that want early "baby" Carrots, I usually wait till I can sell them
when 5 -7 in a bunch make a lb. I have seen prices on the internet all over
the price map. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, in particular
on baby carrots, thanks in advance.


Gary Scott
twinspringsfarmva at gmail.com




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