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Fri Mar 7 22:57:34 EST 2014

Thanks Mark. I really appreciate the feedback!

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On Mar 6, 2014, at 1:41 PM, Mark Weinheimer <mrw601 at gmail.com> wrote:

> For a bedformer, on our very stony, heavy soil, we use a Rain-Flo.  It is very robustly built and handles even large stones pretty well.  We have broken the center fillers several times and once twisted one of the moldboard mounts out of shape, when it hit a huge stone.  We also use it to apply Biotelo biodegradeable plastic mulch while making beds.  It is a well built, simple, reliable, machine.  If you are farming stony ground, learn to weld and use a torch.  You will break equipment.
> I've used IHC side dressers on a Farmall Super A.  They work great, so long as they are thoroughly cleaned after every use, especially with salts like sulpomag or standard chemical fertilizers. I agree that the straighter the hoses, the fewer problems that result. 
> Good luck,
> Mark
>> Anyone have experience positives/negative using bedformers?
>> (Particularly on rather stoney ground.)
>> And/or experiences with double drop tube side dressers on cultivating tractors. Ie. Cole, IH, John Blue.
>> Thanks
>> Brian
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