[Market-farming] Bed formers / Side Dressers

John Ferree john at seldomseenfarm.com
Mon Mar 3 20:29:19 EST 2014

Buckeye makes a good bedder for the money new. . .

The type I have worked with a couple times are usually IH Super
A/140/274 mounted with mechanical metering and drop tube(s).  Last
summer I fabricated a mount so one unit would mount on both a 3pt
cultivator and an imants spader.  It was driven by an electric motor.
The concept wasn't my idea, but I had fun building it. Stuff the
consistency of alfalfa meal/fertrel, soy meal, processed chicken will
not feed worth a hoot unless the tube is vertical. . . helps to ziptie
it to the endpoint. . . consider changing hoses to that clear tubing
they sell at lowes. . . or running it vertically to (oversized!) pvc
conduit that can be bent to suit.  If you are lucky it will split at the
spill point.

Also consider beefing up the agitator if necessary.

Side dressers are fine, the tubes are the problem with organics. . . any
twist or turn with the tube and it will get jammed.  Put a Y in it and
the problem will likely double.

Hope that helps. . .


On 03/03/2014 07:59 PM, Brian Luton wrote:
> Anyone have experience positives/negative using bedformers? 
> (Particularly on rather stoney ground.)
> And/or experiences with double drop tube side dressers on cultivating tractors. Ie. Cole, IH, John Blue. 
> Thanks 
> Brian
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