[Market-farming] Packing Room drain and grey water question

Gary Scott twinspringsfarmva at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 21:17:17 EDT 2014

I am the process of adding onto my barn and enclosing one side for a
processing and packing room, that will have a concrete floor.I have looked
at all sorts of GAP info, various state extension sites, and have the
Family Farmed Org Wholesale Success book. I have already had a new septic
system installed to handle the processing room and worker housing. However,
now that I have been tracking the amount of water that I am using in my
triple sinks, I am concerned about soil and grey water for processing going
into the septic system.

My thought was to have a sloped floor that had a central drain with a
removable grate to clean out the dirt that settles. Anyone built a
processing room with a drain system? Should I bypass the septic and have a
separate field for grey water coming from the wash station? Catchment of
soil and debris? Grainger Supply seems to have what I need as far as
building a floor drain

Appreciate any input !

Gary Scott
Twin Springs Farm

*Gary Scott*
twinspringsfarmva at gmail.com


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