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Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:43:00 EDT 2014

Successful enterprises, including farming, are oft collaborative.  We
advertise that to our advantage.  For instance, our soaps include tallow
and lard from a number of local farmers; who I point out when introducing
market customers to our soaps.  And our sorghum molasses is a community
affair, as are hog killings from which we source leaf lard for rendering.

So I stress the community aspect of my farm products, including those which
are value-added.  For a number customers, it can make for a more
interesting story.  That they're not only valuing my work, but the labor
and wisdom of my neighbors as well; the elderly ones teaching these skills
to my children.

As time permits, when a customer asks if I grew a certain vegetable, I'll
mention the various neighbors who helped out along the way, from soil prep
to final harvest and storage.  This speaks to my customers wanting to be
more 'grounded', both literal and figurative.

Richard Moyer
Weeding and mulching in SW VA

> From: Richard Stewart
> Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 8:45 AM
> To: michelle rome ; Market Farming
> Subject: Re: [Market-farming] farm stand security
> We are looking to put in a brick and mortar operation on our farm once we
> get our honey processing and kitchen facility up and running (we were just
> site approved for septic so we are still a LONG ways off).  In the State of
> Ohio you are allowed up to 49% of the product you sell be from off-farm.  I
> plan on taking full advantage of that.  Now most of that product will be
> things that include ingredients FROM the farm but not all and all of the
> raw/fresh will be local (not auction) but 100% will not be mine.
> We currently do several a things with our neighbor, including selling
> their sweet corn and them selling our honey (cash never changed hand we
> swap honey and corn).  We are joined at the hip so much as doing potatoes
> as a joint crop and everyone selling and taking a share.  We provided
> better equipment and they provided better, sandier soil.  Now we are
> growing about 6 different varieties.  I never once touched them on planting
> or harvesting end, but I sort bag and ship.  How do you describe that to
> someone interested in simply sourcing locally grown?
> Richard Stewart
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> Subject: [Market-farming] Security camera
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> I have a different problem where I really need a security camera.  I've
> been having continuing problems with my neighbors to the east, who are
> relatives of each other.  I recently had to have one of them arrested for
> cutting my trees, menacing and a number of other charges.  The other one is
> his father in law, who is a township trustee and who is constantly
> harassing me and has twice torn down my fences.  Both these people seem to
> have the notion that they have a right to my wooded property next to their
> houses and I don't simply because they grew up around here, ran all over my
> property as children etc.  I've already put up no trespassing signs but
> they have told me they are going to continue to use my property when and
> how they want and say I can't stop them.  In the meantime their kids race
> motorcycles and ATV all over it, build shacks, cut trees etc.  I've been
> calling the police and, as I've said, had one of them arrested for menacing
> and some other charges but its hard
>  to prove he is cutting down trees and removing them in spite of the fact
> that the only way in and out is through either one of these persons
> property or through mine, which I would be able to see from my house. I
> also don't get back there every day and the Father in law is threatening to
> tear down more fence.  Anyway I guess I need some sort of Cam but its a
> fair distance between my house and these woods.  Don't really need video,
> just pictures that show them trespassing with enough detail that they can
> be identified well enough to use in court.  I'm on a tight budget also
> which doesn't help. I've asked a number of people but I haven't been able
> to find one that meets my need for one reason or another.
> I don't know how people can have such a sense of entitlement or engage in
> such criminal behavior and still think they have the moral high ground much
> less get elected town trustee but I guess it takes all kinds
> Oh well, at least my other neighbor got rid of his animals so I don't have
> those problems any more.
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