[Market-farming] tool carrier tractors

Kathryn Kerby kakerby at aol.com
Wed Jul 16 11:59:32 EDT 2014

There is/was a yearly European ag equipment conference which a faculty
member of WSU attended several years ago.  For those folks in WA state, I
believe it was Andy Bary out of WSU-Puyallup.  He brought back a lot of
pictures which he showed as part of a presentation for small-scale equipment
options.  He wanted us to be aware of what was already available in Europe
and which MIGHT someday be available here.  To say that every jaw in the
room was on the floor, would be just about accurate.  They have small-scale
and/or innovative tools over there that make us look like cave men with
clubs.  It really was shocking.  We talked then about forming some kind of
import collective to get some of those tools over here but that idea never
went anywhere.  And of course the offers to travel there once/year on a
buying mission, but that didn't go anywhere either.  I still think that some
enterprising individual could set up an American dealership for some of this
stuff and really do American farming a huge favor.  Won't be me though - I
don't have any inclination to travel right now and I already have enough to
do.  Still, could be an idea to spread around and see if anyone ever does
anything with the concept.

Kathryn Kerby, who still lusts after some of the small scale equipment we
learned about


Snohomish, WA



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Man, those are slick.  Looking through the normal sources I see nothing
available here in the U.S..




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On Jul 16, 2014, at 11:16 AM, Scott Breneman <sbreneman at yourgoodwill.org>

Are the Mazzotti or Fobro Mobil tool carrier tractors available in the USA?

(They are like modernized Allis Chalmers G tractors with much upgraded


Scott Breneman
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