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Is there a town or county buy-local movement in your area that you can sign on to? if not, are you interested in trying to get one started?

Around here, there's a "shop [local town or county] first" slogan; and various communities do varying degrees of publicity for their local products. 

Also, many of the local farmers' markets require produce to be from their own county or an immediately adjacent county.

 Maybe you could frame your farm stand signage and publicity in one of those fashions -- "everything here is grown or made in X County", for instance.

You could also put the exact origin on signage for each product; and maybe for something like the potatoes a sign saying "grown on Y farm in cooperation with A farm, labor supplied by both farms"? If somebody asks for more detail, you could then supply it.

Just throwing out ideas here as they come to mind; apply your own judgement to them.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale

On Jul 16, 2014, at 8:45 AM, Richard Stewart wrote:

> We are looking to put in a brick and mortar operation on our farm once we get our honey processing and kitchen facility up and running (we were just site approved for septic so we are still a LONG ways off).  In the State of Ohio you are allowed up to 49% of the product you sell be from off-farm.  I plan on taking full advantage of that.  Now most of that product will be things that include ingredients FROM the farm but not all and all of the raw/fresh will be local (not auction) but 100% will not be mine.
> We currently do several a things with our neighbor, including selling their sweet corn and them selling our honey (cash never changed hand we swap honey and corn).  We are joined at the hip so much as doing potatoes as a joint crop and everyone selling and taking a share.  We provided better equipment and they provided better, sandier soil.  Now we are growing about 6 different varieties.  I never once touched them on planting or harvesting end, but I sort bag and ship.  How do you describe that to someone interested in simply sourcing locally grown? 
> Richard Stewart
> Carriage House Farm
> North Bend, Ohio

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