[Market-farming] farm stand security

michelle rome michelleann7 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 15 21:53:53 EDT 2014

along the lines of cameras...
so most of us farmers would not like to sit in a stand all day and would rather either 1) have someone to represent our farm and sell in the farm stand for us or 2) self serve.
i'd like to know more about what success stories some of the folks on the group have. 
i know that a farm stand would be more than farm wholesale but maybe not the high retail market prices. what about resale and quality? what do you do? without philosophizing, we all know that honesty may be a by-gone commodity, or at least some of us are in denial and give most folks " the benefit of the doubt". so i am interested in not opinions but really what works for farm stands. i have this strong conviction that i only sell what i naturally grow. so i'd like to go a little deeper on the topic of farm stands, security and ask for those of you that are successful to share what works for you.

michelle hromyak
romy farms
south carolina
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