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Mon Jul 7 22:53:26 EDT 2014

For years folks told me I had a great location for a farmstand, but we
didn't do it because I thought the demographics of our drive-bys was poor
(village that folks would be coming from has high crime rate).  We went
ahead and put up a farmstand this year, making it self-serve.  We are losing
close to 50%. 


The farmstand does not have electricity or cable, but we do now have cell
service.  Anyone know of a camera system that would work in those
conditions. Needs to be motion-activated. Could be as "simple" as something
that saves to a media card (which is what the ones I've found that don't
require cable hookup do), and I would check after the fact to see who didn't
pay, to something that would link to my cell phone and I could talk to folks
(and see them???) when they come in.  Thinking have one by the cash box and
one aimed at license plates.


Beth Spaugh

Rehoboth Homestead, Peru NY

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