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Make your own! See Eliot Coleman's U Tube soil block mixing recipe. I do something similar with leaf compost, horse maneur and wood shavings compost and perlite. Similar idea. Works good for me. Have not made it to soil blocks yet.

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We are trying to decide which organic compost based potting soil to purchase this season to use for our vegetable starts.

We are considering McEnroe Farms from Millerton, NY.   (http://www.mcenroeorganicfarm.com/composting/growing)  Has anyone used their potting soils before?  I spoke with someone who did use them but it was a number of years ago and he recalls the farm having trouble with the blends but doesn’t remember the specific issue.  I would hope any issues back then would have been resolved by now.  Their prices are very reasonable for 1 and 2 ton sling bags.

There is always Vermont Compost but that will cost me at least a $1000 more for my needs.  

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