[Market-farming] Cross country trip planned. Like to connectw/other market farmers.

Beverly Henkel bchenkel at conpoint.com
Wed Jan 22 22:09:56 EST 2014

Cross country trip planned.  Like to connect w/other market farmers.Marlin – we are just west of Norfolk, NE.  Grass based cattle and sheep, chickens and maybe a few pigs this summer.  Lots of land to park an RV on and some folks around who would love to talk with you.  We drink raw milk, my husband makes kefir, kambucha, fermented cabbage and Ice cream.  We use Sally Fallons cookbook for some of these recipes.  We are not certified organic but could be.  Use no chemicals on the land and make the chicken feed so we do not use commercial feed.  The Katahdin Hair sheep and the angus cattle are only on pasture.

Tucker Hill Farm, 1614 N. 61st St., Norfolk, NE.  We are south of Yankton, SD about an hour.  If you go through Nebraska on Route 20 we are about 30 minutes south of that highway as it comes north of us.

Let us know.

Bev. and Chuck Henkel

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