[Market-farming] time budget info for various field crops?

John Ehrlich johnkaty at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 12 12:40:18 EST 2014

I usually crunch numbers in my head, when I get into my truck and drive, after harvesting a crop. 

The answer is usually the same for most crops down to the row foot.  Much of it depends on the expensive labour saving device I purchased, ie, a transplanter or a harvesting device or new tractor.  And then I have to calculate in the 3 year amortization.  

Either way, on 6 or so acres with 2 full time, it comes to about $20/hr, some crops less and more.  This is a good wage, considering, that I am my boss (or my wife is), I work outside in the beauty of nature with no commute, I eat like a King, and my children are raised on a farm.  And usually cash is king.


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