[Market-farming] time budget info for various field crops?

Kathryn Kerby kakerby at aol.com
Sun Jan 12 12:16:18 EST 2014

Etienne, I'm right there with you.  My plan was/is to reserve an hour of
time at the end of each day and log everything that happened during the day
- with crops, with livestock, with equipment, and with my hours.  Those are
my big four categories.  But in my case, it's BEFORE dinner.  Not after.
That would make me too prone to think gosh, I'm tired, I'll do it tomorrow.
And then the cycle repeats.  


I've gotten off to a so-so start, but it's important.  This is a habit that
will take time to practice before it becomes automatic.  But the alternative
- losing track of stuff - is no longer acceptable.  I can't tell you how
many times I've thought "oh, gosh, I'll remember that six months from
now........"  And then something falls through the cracks.  It's
infuriating, and expensive.  


If you want a note-taking buddy to keep you going, you just found one.
Today I'll be catching up my logs for this past week (my first working week
of the year), so that I can start tomorrow feeling like yep, I've got
everything squared away.  Just do me one favor - occasionally go through
your notes out on that veranda of yours, with a nice cup of tea.  I'll just
have to live vicariously through you for awhile.  Today my logbooks will be
brought up to current at my boring desk, watching the rain fall outside.  At
least I'll have the tea.  

Kathryn Kerby, practicing to become a note-taking junkie


Snohomish, WA



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My resolution for 2014 is to get better at note-taking.  Sit down every 

night after dinner and write everything I did in the day, breaking down 

the time spent on each task (including paid and unpaid labor).  IOW, 

maitain a real season logbook.  Next winter, sit down and crunch the 

number.  One of my colleague in the area as been doing that for a couple 

years, and he is now able to figure his cost fairly precisely.


We all know that new year's resolution tends get dumped in short order, 

especially when the main season madness kicks in.  But wouldn't it be 

wonderful if I where able to stick to it?  :)

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