[Market-farming] Greenhouse ideas

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Wed Jan 8 22:53:43 EST 2014

Hi DoreNE,
  There are polycarbonate dealers that may have an engineer on staff  
to help. I'm thinking of Griffin, they have a branch in Morgantown Pa.  
Shipping polycarbonate is the most expensive part, try to pick it up.  
Here come the vents, fans, rails,gizzars etc.
  I'm turning a sm block building into a lean-to grhse. I'm planning  
on adding blue foam on the floor w in slab heat pipes on top, then  
pour cement over that. Save the drains! There's a great gang in VT who  
can walk you through: radiant tech in Londonderry VT. They design for  
free and supply latest gear. If you can't do it all now, do what you  
can and add on later.
  On roof solar hot h2o collectors can pipe heat tw your floor, beds  
and watering hose. the collectors are pricy. Some old Carter era ones  
surface, the Chinese make them too. Some Sol is better then  
wood,propane, or waste oil burn.
  Best, Ann, Va, zone 7

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