[Market-farming] Greenhouse design?

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I've put up a few high tunnels from Rimol and have been pleased.
Most tunnels come as a kit that you put up yourself. I don't think it will take much to 'design' it with your dimensions.

30' wide is a standard size. For your length you just need enough bows to reach your length. Most bows are spaced at 4' but some are 5'. So at 4' spacing you would need 7 bows to reach 24' length or 6 bows at 5' to reach your 25'. There are a few ways to deal with that missing foot with the 4' spacing...
Give Rimol or ledgewood or whoever a call and they should be able to give you a quote relatively quickly. If you are price shopping, make sure prices factor in all the hardware (fasteners and such) and whether they are pre-dilled or not. A couple years ago a friend bought a farm tek tunnel thinking he could save money over my rimol but it wasn't pre-drilled and didn't come with a lot of miscellaneous parts that really add to the cost. 

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Try Ed Persons and Ledgewood Farm in NH
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Greenhouse design?
milking parlor on my barn is gone except for one stone wall and a fantastic
poured concrete floor with drainage.  Since it faces east and south,
I’d like to convert it into a hoophouse-type greenhouse to start
course, it’s a non-standard size (about 25 x 30 feet), so I can’t
just buy a greenhouse kit and fit it into the old milking parlor.
anyone recommend a company that will help me design this greenhouse so we can
buy the parts and put it together ourselves?
Creek Farm
Pottstown , PA

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