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Hi, Pam!


I was planning on greenhouse plastic like a hoophouse - didn't think I could
afford glass or polycarbonate.  If adapting a kit like David suggests
doesn't work, we'll look into your suggestion.




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Are you planning a glass greenhouse? Or polycarbonate (lighter, less likely
to shatter, more expensive)? Perhaps you'd want to choose a standard size
(window) frame and design from that, using multiple frames. In Europe there
are Dutch Lights, see

They're about 2 1/2 x 5 ft. Eliot Coleman recommends them for cold frames.
They are heavy to move when used for coldframes, but if you have themas
fixed or hinged parts of a greenhouse, it's not a problem.

Another possibility is (reject? returned?) patio door units. Our 32'
greenhouse uses 8 across the south wall, another 8 in the roof, and a pair
(opening) a the end.


Pam Dawling
Author of Sustainable Market Farming, Intensive Vegetable Production on a
Few Acres

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