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david purpura davepurpura at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 12:57:34 EST 2014

Hi Dorene, and regards to the list.  I love my ledgewood!  http://ledgewoodfarm.com/  I'm sure he can size a kit to fit your space, then you source materials for the endwalls and baseboard locally.  Easy peasy.



The milking parlor on my barn is gone except for one stone wall and a
fantastic poured concrete floor with drainage.  Since it faces east and
south, I'd like to convert it into a hoophouse-type greenhouse to start

Of course, it's a non-standard size (about 25 x 30 feet), so I can't just
buy a greenhouse kit and fit it into the old milking parlor.

Can anyone recommend a company that will help me design this greenhouse so
we can buy the parts and put it together ourselves?


Dorene Pasekoff

Hill Creek Farm

Pottstown, PA

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