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Ouch, you are paying to list them?  That is a free service with our provider.  We just give them the details on who needs to be added and they do so.


In the end we ALL should be insured, unless you feel that everything you are working for is worth gambling.  We deal with Whole Foods Market, three farmers' markets, and no less than three dozen small delis and chefs.  We NEED insurance.

We have a 2 million dollar liability and product policy.  It covers anything from a accident on the road as we move hay equipment from the farm to hayfield, farmers markets, workshare CSA volunteers (ag tourists), or a bee stinging a bystander as we are catching a swarm.  It meets the minimums of Whole Foods Market and the Hilton Hotel chain, but ironically falls short when dealing with most Universities (almost all of whom seem to have need for a 5 million liability coverage).  The addition cost does not warrant the business and hassle of dealing with the University.

I'll go into my speech about farms as businesses…

If your farm is not an LLC or some sort of Corp. and you are running it as a homestead with your residence and farm intermixed you are fighting an uphill battle and will, eventually, probably be shunted out of anything more than selling at a stand by the road ON your farm.  If you want to do anything else you need to peel off the home from the farm and separate it.  This will become even more evident I believe when FSMA goes into active status.  I believe most larger businesses' insurance companies will be told to demand some sort of GAP even if you fall under exclusion.  Even if you do not plan on selling more than a small amount Insurance as a whole for homestead farms is costly and difficult MOST of the time.

You are insuring a business not your family and your home and there are great policies for small farms out there if you follow that route.

You need to assume that someone is going to sue you.  Heck, it could be another farmer.

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