[Market-farming] Liability

Burke Farm burkefarm at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 14:08:49 EDT 2014

Our markets have both started requiring a liability policy listing the
market as a named insured.  Annoying.  Costs  200$ per year or so for us,
and a separate carrier issues this policy, it is through our same agent but
not the same as our regular farm policy.

One market is run by type A executives and has required this for several
years now.  It is operated by a city and the city is another required named
insured.  Other market is less organized and has just added this
requirement this year.  I am not sure where the farmers market is that has
such deep pockets someone would sue it, but it must be out there.

Lisa Burke
Central IN z5
High tunnels full of tomato plants, row crop farmers plowing everywhere.
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