[Market-farming] how much insurance?

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We have two markets that require 1mil and that the market be listed as
co-insured. For a good market it's a cost of business...
On Apr 27, 2014 6:50 AM, "Sue Wells" <farmersue at myfairpoint.net> wrote:

> My insurance is $1,000,000 per occurrence, and $2,000,000 for general
> aggragate, products-comp/op agg.  And the city is added as an additional
> insured. (Which is $50 extra).
> I have had this for many years. For the first time, my other Market has
> required insurance this year.
> Sue
> Vermont
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> We were getting ready to attend an orientation next week on a new farm
> product sales venue opening up near us. It’s not a farmers’ market per se,
> but one of those new food hubs that are starting to sprout up.  We worked
> with them a few years ago when they were under different management, which
> went smoothly  We were getting ready to do so again this year, until we
> heard they were going through a reorganization.  Hmm.  So we got the info
> packet to see what had changed in the reorganization.  Amongst other
> things, they have a new list of “qualification criteria”, and one of those
> items was liability coverage for farm products.  No problem, we’ve got it
> and we’ve had it for years.  But then I read the fine print – we need $2
> million per occurrence, AND we need to add that venue as an additional
> insured on our policy.  Excuse me?
> I have already called my insurance broker to find out what that extra
> insurance would cost us, and what the implications would be to add that
> venue as an additional insured on our policy.  I’ve been doing some reading
> tonight on what other farmers’ markets and the like are requiring.  More
> and more markets are requiring some kind of liability insurance, but the
> per-occurrence rates have been a lot lower in the few instances where I
> could find specific numbers listed.  One market for instance, wanted
> $100,000 per occurrence, another wanted $1 million aggregate but no
> specific per-occurrence, a third wanted $500,000 per occurrence, etc.  None
> of them said anything about being listed as insureds on the individual
> farmer’s farm policy.
> So now I’m wondering if I’m just not seeing a true representative sampling
> of the range of requirements, or if this new venue is perhaps setting a
> high bar in anticipation of what’s to come down the pike in the near
> future, or maybe they’re just really out of touch with what everyone else
> is doing.  Frankly, I’m not sure we’ll bother at this point with that new
> venue.  There are some other hoops they want us to jump through which I
> remember thinking “well, hmm, that’s a little odd but OK…….”  But if this
> additional insurance is going to really boost our yearly premiums, I’m
> going to have to think long and hard about whether it’s worth it.  So I’m
> very interested in what other folks are seeing in their markets and/or
> other marketing venues, in terms of required insurance and at what levels.
> Thanks all……..
> Kathryn Kerby
> Frogchorusfarm.com
> Snohomish, WA
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