[Market-farming] farm transition ideas?

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It is also worth visiting your local FSA agent or USDA service center and inquiring about a beginning farmer and rancher loan. We went through this process a couple years ago. There are hoops to jump through, but it really paid off for us. They give fantastic loan rates and are extremely helpful. They give farm loans when standard banks wouldn't even consider it.


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I have been farming for over 10 years now.  I don't have land of my own, don't come from a farming background, don't have a partner, or an immediate family.  I have been blessed enough to find land to work on and learn skills.  And I want to farm.  My mentors are childless and would like their lives' work, their farm, to stay a working farm.  They would like to also stay on the farm.  We are working together to see if there is a way for me to purchase their farm from them, however, I am not a wealthy woman.  
I am reaching out to this group to see if anyone is familiar with a similar situation.  Or has any thoughts on how such a farm transfer could take place.    Happy Spring.   


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