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Silage tarp is available, AFAIK, in any feed/agricultural store.  I 
don't know about the US, but around here, it's fairly easy to find, so I 
am kinda surprised at your difficulties.  Wherever farmers go in your 
area for feeds, bale twine, and such should carry silage tarp.  Unless, 
of course, nobody does silage hay in your area.

The one I am getting here is 4 mil, black on a side, white on the other. 
  24' x 100' is also the smallest size I can get.  I do not recommend 
buying the larger size (30' x 150' and such), because the roll are very 
heavy (upward of 200 lbs) and hard to work with.  Moreover, it gets even 
heavier when it is wet, which make handling the larger silage tarp size 
very, very challenging.

You could cut up a wider roll in more manageable bed-sized strips. 
However, this year, I am buying a couple rolls of Texsol (nursery woven 
tarp, polypropylen fabric) instead.  They come in various width.  In my 
case, I plan on getting the 12' width, to cover two 5' beds at once. 
The only research I have read on the subject concluded that silage tarp 
was better, but I think the nursery tarp will be easier to handle.

This is what I am talking about:


Dubois also has silage tarp, but I doubt it would be competitive to have 
it shipped to the US.


One thing I can say is that it is worth the trouble.  I am a newcomer to 
the technique, so my personal experience is very limited.  But from what 
I have seen on other farms, the result are astounding.  After a few 
weeks of occultation, the soil texture is absolutely incredible.  I 
think it's worth giving this a try.

Have fun,


On 14-04-13 06:42 AM, Allan Balliett wrote:
> I find Jean-Martin Fortier's "the Market Gardener" full of ideas but way
> too short on appropriate details.
> I'm having trouble right now with the "silage tarps" used for
> "occultation" of seed beds.
> After a lot of phone calls, I found a company that can 'talk' silage
> tarps but the smallest I can find is a black and white 24' by 100' ($109
> US) and at 5mil rather then the recommended 6 mil.
> If there are details in this book on what sizes to buy or practical ways
> to cut tarps to size, I haven't been able to find them.
> I'm wondering if any readers of market-farming have already solved this
> problem, one way or another.
> Aside from practical issues, it sure is a great idea! I may pick up a
> tarp and cover a half dozen prepared beds, which wouldn't be out of
> line, really, but a tarp per bed would be much more practical.
> -Allan in WV
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