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Kathryn, Richard and MF family
I guess this is the forum for really sharing. There are lots of personal liabilities for each of us in all we do. I am sure most of us would like to keep things simple. We all have to protect our personal well being extended to our families and our tangible assets to include survival homestead and livelihood set of tools and equipment.

I have personal insurance through State Farm. I have farm liability for land, sale of farm products several ways and farm equipment through Nationwide Agribusiness who always want more business meaning more fees. 

I have multiple places. My distances range from similar distances as Richard to an order of magnitude of distance further to my main farm operation. It is very common for low country farmers to make high risk overloaded truck trailer watermelon and cantelope shipments to columbia 60 to 130 mile distances. Loads of farmers also haul from charlotte to columbia or thereabouts okra, peaches, tomatoes etc. Others go two hours more or less to get products to resale or supplement raised products 360 degrees from columbia. 

I try to talk to folks but most don't have even the basic ag insurance aforementioned. 

As I transition from day job engineer to retired full time vegetable n berry parttime tree farmer I strive to protect myself from those who have less to loose and from my own human errors.

I have had some close calls moving trailers and mishaps as Richard labels.

I am looking for risk reduction through insurance mitigation. Realizing frequency could be lessened by lesser trips and distance. I don't know how to protect a trailer and load that may have to become decoupled and parked temporarily. What would one do? Could be fatal to a business.

So I am interested in thoughts. I even have a older man that I could call to come get my trailer that is if I can catch him at the right moment.

Thanks for sharing so far...

Michelle Hromyak
Romy Farms
SC E and W
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