[Market-farming] Insurance for the trailers

Kathryn Kerby kakerby at aol.com
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I'm actually glad this topic has come up.  Insurance issues aside, I'm glad
for the discussion on the cost effectiveness of moving compost from point A
to point B, about 10 miles apart.  We have a goofy setup here where we
winter animals here at home, then move them all down to pasture (part of our
hayfield) right about now each year.  So we have a stockpile of compost at
home.  I've been trying to figure out the logistics of moving that compost
to the hayfield where it can be put to really good use.  But most folks look
at my questions like "you want to move lots of compost from home?  Why?
Just buy it in!"  Um, I want to move it because it's free and other compost
is not.  So while I had some pointers on the insurance angle, I'd love to
hear more about the specific trailers/trucks/hitches that folks use, and
issues with loading/unloading.  We have trucks, trailers, loaders etc at
both locations, but somehow my normal advisors are treating this like trying
to plan a trip to the moon.  I'd love to hear about how folks do it

Kathryn Kerby


Snohomish, WA



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I'll be loading compost today, for a 30-mile trip back home.  A week ago I
had a trailer 'mishap', but fortunately no injury to me or truck/trailer,
and all made it home OK.


Got me thinking about options.  Got estimates last weekend from previous
guys who hauled and spread compost on our pastures; compost we also use on
cultivated ground.  

Then talked with a neighbor who hauls/logs/digs, etc. Was a more leisurely
Sunday afternoon conversation, where he gradually shared of a huge pile of
compost, free for hauling, only 4 miles away.  And the reality that I could
buy a spreader for the price of one year's worth of paying others do it all
when hauling from 30 miles away.  My time is also an issue, but this
creative neighbor, who makes a living doing more with less, is asking me to
think closer to home.


Don't know if any of the above fits your situation, but sharing your
needs/challenges with enough people might scare up more options.  Which is
what you're doing now!


Richard Moyer


To all on the list -?
Have you had any experiences hauling a trailer with material or equipment
and broken down?
I have several times.

I have had AAA Premium. But they don't cover me. Just got off the phone with
them (again). So my questions were not answered...again.

So what do you do?
I need to be able to move a dump trailer with compost form point a to point
b. Maybe 150 to 200 miles (mostly 150 miles). I need to go pick up farm
equipment in another state maybe 500 or 600 miles away. Yes I habve the
dually and the trailer. But what if i break down with a new or slightly used

What would you do? Would you pay to move things? What companies out there
would cover me?

I am curious to know what the list knows.?

Michelle Hromyak
Romy Farms
SC E & W

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