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It’s not clear from your email whether your existing coverage is a) auto vs
property, and b) business vs personal.  For instance, is the AAA Premium
policy a personal vehicle insurance policy?  Or a farm business policy?
That “parent” designation will make all the difference in the world.


When we first moved here, we had standard residential insurance on our
house, and standard personal coverage on our vehicles.  When a tree came
down and hit the house and smashed some farm equipment in 2010, the house
damage was covered, some of the equipment (which the agent was generously
calling “garden” equipment) was covered, but the rest was not.  When the
insurance adjustor was out after the house repairs were done, and saw that
we were in fact a working farm, State Farm dropped us like a hot potato.
Many, many miles and phone calls and companies later, we were able to line
up commercial farm coverage for the house, the property, the outbuildings
and all our “stuff”.  HOWEVER, that policy does not yet cover either of our


We have been deliberating if/when to shift our vehicle insurance over to
becoming part of our commercial farm coverage.  Our commercial farm agent
said whenever we’re ready, we can do so.  Rates won’t even change that much.
My husband’s truck is used only occasionally for farm work, mine is used
approximately ½ time for farm work.  The agent said the general rule of
thumb is that whenever a vehicle is used primarily for farm work, OR the
occasional usage involves high-dollar materials and/or high-risk operations,
then it should be switched.  For instance, if our truck is moving hay for
our own consumption, that’s a low-value, low-risk operation. If, however,
we’re delivering hay to a customer, that’s a much higher value and much
higher risk.  With our existing coverage, the former would be covered by
standard vehicle insurance.  The latter would not.  Not because of the
contents of the truck, but because of the intent (personal use vs delivery
to a customer for pay).  


To get the coverage you’re talking about, you’ll probably need to move away
from AAA unless they offer commercial, and preferably agricultural, vehicle
coverage.  Not sure what’s available out in SC, but if you ask your fellow
producers within your own state for who covers their farms, you’ll start to
hear the same names over and over again.  That’s where I’d start your
conversation, because it varies so much by state.  Also, don’t be surprised
if a company that advertises itself as offering farm coverage, balks at the
idea that you actually sell something edible to the public.  That seems to
separate the boys from the men in the realm of insurance companies.  If the
insurance agent you’re talking to, tells you that you have to change your
operation to suit their coverage, drop it and keep looking.  I wasted 6
months going around and around with a company that supposedly had
agricultural insurance, but they didn’t want to cover any of our operations.


Hope you find something that works for you; it can be a long, tedious
process but I guarantee you’ll sleep better at night after you’ve finally
gone through those annoying hoops.

Kathryn Kerby


Snohomish, WA


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To all on the list - 

Have you had any experiences hauling a trailer with material or equipment
and broken down?

I have several times.


I have had AAA Premium. But they don't cover me. Just got off the phone with
them (again). So my questions were not answered...again.


So what do you do?


I need to be able to move a dump trailer with compost form point a to point
b. Maybe 150 to 200 miles (mostly 150 miles). I need to go pick up farm
equipment in another state maybe 500 or 600 miles away. Yes I habve the
dually and the trailer. But what if i break down with a new or slightly used


What would you do? Would you pay to move things? What companies out there
would cover me?


I am curious to know what the list knows. 


Michelle Hromyak

Romy Farms

SC E & W

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