[Market-farming] Insurance for the Trailers

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You might check this out... we have it for our horse trailer but they will also tow other things.  http://usrider.com/

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Subject: [Market-farming] Insurance for the Trailers

To all on the list - 
Have you had any experiences hauling a trailer with material or equipment and broken down?
I have several times.

I have had AAA Premium. But they don't cover me. Just got off the phone with them (again). So my questions were not answered...again.

So what do you do?

I need to be able to move a dump trailer with compost form point a to point b. Maybe 150 to 200 miles (mostly 150 miles). I need to go pick up farm equipment in another state maybe 500 or 600 miles away. Yes I habve the dually and the trailer. But what if i break down with a new or slightly used tractor?

What would you do? Would you pay to move things? What companies out there would cover me?

I am curious to know what the list knows. 

Michelle Hromyak
Romy Farms
SC E & W

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