[Market-farming] Firm Market Start Times? Pros and Cons?

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You are saying you would want customers help you set up? That would never work for me, I am very fussy as to how my things are set up. And it does take me 2 hours or more to set up at a Market. I have a lot to sell and set up. I don't even like for others to help me pack up my things and load up my truck.  I have to be organized the way I need to be. 




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I don't really like having to sell to people before the start time, especially if I am pressed for time.  Once, I had a customer actually help me get setup, when she had to come in early and then be at another place at another time.  I am thinking that I may suggest that to other early birds in the future. It's not a big deal if I have plenty of time. I would have to be prepared and organized enough to delegate responsibility to someone not necessarily familiar with how they should take on tasks for me.  Thoughts on that?

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I think it may depend on the market.


Our early morning start market (7:30 AM on Saturdays) allows early sales with no problems; there aren't that many customers who show up earlier than that, and those who do often are on their way to work and couldn't come at another time. And I've sold at an afternoon market that allowed early sales and had no problems with them; but I've also sold at a market that theoretically started at 10 in the morning, but customers would start showing up the moment the first vendor arrived (some of their windows overlooked the market site), with the result that a lot of them had come and gone by 10; so if you weren't set up ready for customers well before the theoretical start time, you lost a lot of sales.


Maybe a compromise would be to say vendors can't start setting up before a given time -- if the market starts at 4, nobody can start setting up before 3 or 3:30? It takes some people a lot longer to set up than others, so that wouldn't solve it entirely; but it would keep people from showing up way ahead of time in order to get all the early customers.



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Our market Steering Committee meets tomorrow night.  On the agenda is whether we start on the hour (as advertised and in our written rules), or allow early sales as vendors are setting up.  So vendors who set up early don't have to twiddle their thumbs, and early customers aren't inconvenienced by the wait.


 A few years back our afternoon market, officially 4-7 pm, kept creeping back until it actually began closer to 3.  And some things were selling out before official start at 4.  So we set a firm time of 3-6, with no early sales allowed.


But a new crop of vendors, unaware of that history, are asking to sell as soon as they are ready, before our official opening time.


We do have a market manager, and advertise on the hour starts, in multiple media platforms.


What is YOUR experience with firm starts on the hour vs. allowing sales between any vendor that shows up early.



Richard Moyer




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