[Market-farming] ? about moon phase planting (Richard Robinson)

Wyatt Jones wyatt_jones at netzero.com
Thu Oct 31 12:50:31 EDT 2013

Richard wrote:  

"I think one really clear principle that argues against any influence is that the most powerful known force at work between the moon and any object on earth is gravity. The gravitational attraction between the moon and a single seed is so negligible as to be immeasurable (I think it's much smaller than the attraction between you and the seed, but I don't have the calcs at hand to confirm that), and is dwarfed by other effects having nothing to do with the phase of the moon, such as air pressure, humidity, soil moisture and chemistry, electrostatic charge, seed orientation, etc. etc. etc. "

Hmm since the ocean tides, a pretty powerful force, are greatly affected by the moon's gravitational pull I would have to dispute your claims here.  If the oceans are so greatly affected one would have to deduce that other elements would also be affected on the earth by the moons gravitational pull, not the least being the weather.  That said there ARE other factors you didn't even consider when considering how the moon affects the earth.  One VERY obvious effect moon phases have is the amount of nocturnal light apparent on the earth's surface. As the light decreases or increases it is not hard to see how that that would affect plant growth.  

Saying the moon, and other extraterrestrial bodies for that matter, has no effect on the life forms here on earth seems very silly to me, one can argue the subtle elements of that influence but saying it has no influence ignores quite a lot.

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