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Thu Oct 31 11:33:55 EDT 2013

To your first point, it was pointed out to me that roundup ready & Bt GMO
sweet corn is available in the Rupp seed catalog. I think that GMO sweet
corn is probably a lot more prevalent even at the local market level than
anyone might
think- because of the cost, growers are probably strategic about when they
it (around here, early corn doesn't have the worm problems that mid- late
Summer corn does, so a grower may use cheaper non-GMO sweet corn initially,
switching to GMO in later plantings). And unfortunately, no grower is going
to cop to using GMO sweet corn bc people just won't buy it (perversely, GMO
Bt Roundup Ready sweet corn probably gets sold as no spray).

On growing and selling organic sweet corn, I've done it successfully. You
can get
a better price if people want it but on a square foot or acre basis, it is
a lower
value crop. And I just used to guarantee a worm in every year, which really
drew organic folks. In the areas I grew in, early corn always had fewer
worms, later season stuff might not be worth messing with.

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