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Dear Sanet

Published Today on Independent Science News
The Founding Fables of Industrialised Agriculture (Wed 30th Oct 2013)
by Colin Tudge

Synopsis: Industrial agriculture "is a far bigger threat to humanity 
than North Korea or “terrorism”, or the collapse of banks or dwindling 
oil". It is sold on a series of mythological propositions. Principal 
among them are the high yields and efficiency of monoculture 
agriculture, the inadequacy of smallholder farming, and the existence of 
a food productivity crisis. Journalists, politicians, and especially 
academics, propagate these myths largely unaware of their contradiction 
by evidence. Demolishing these myths and halting the march of industrial 
farming, therefore, "is the cause of our age....whatever else we may 
aspire to do, agriculture is the thing we absolutely have to get right."

Colin Tudge is author of So Shall We Reap and many other books about 

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