[Market-farming] cold + celery (Burke Farm)

Aaron Brower aaronbrower at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 11:33:44 EDT 2013

With celeriac, a lot depends on the condition of the plant and on the soil temps. This time of year there should still be some warmth in the soil and I assume the celeriac still has a decent green canopy. If this is the case, the canopy should protect it from anything but a severly hard freeze. I hesitate to give you a real number, but I've never worried about it or had a problem with it even in mid to late november when we consitently get mid 20's. I tend to wait as long as possible to harvest storage crops so they get as much growth as possible and so they last deeper in to the winter. 
Another factor with your celeriac is if you have managed to keep soil from building around the roots. This, of course, makes the roots more marketable but a bit less hardy. 
However, if I was worried about a crop, I would be harvesting deep into the night as we had to do with our winter squash this year when a frost was coming before I was ready. 

N. Michigan
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