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We try to sell ours as quickly as possible.  We partnered with our neighbor where we supplied the equipment and they they ground and in field labor.  We sorted bagged and delivered.  I think everyone was happy in the end.  The numbers worked.  I won;t really know till we both sit down and crunch 'em.

Our goal was to line up a buyer and sell multiple thousand pounds per week.  The overs and unders we bagged for ease of transportations in 50# and 5# bags and then we left about 400 pounds unbagged that we sold at market.

We still have about 900 pounds bagged for chefs.  We are simply keeping them in the dark and cool and not too dry on pallets.

Probably does not help in your case but I would avoid waste if you are slow by properly storing them vs. looking "well stocked."  After all, you can always eat what does not sell.  :)

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> New to farmstand this year.  How do folks keep potatoes from turning green?  I tried bagging 2 lbs in standard brown bags, but they still turn green (yes, the little stand is very slow this fall, so they may sit there a week – want it to look full you know).  We will probably build a box on a shelf for quarts for next year, but I am looking also at 5 lb bags or 2 to 3 pound bags.  Online I see clear plastic and mesh, and plastic wrap.  Haven’t been able to discern if any of these block the wavelengths that cause greening or if they just depend on fast turnover.
> Thank you.
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