[Market-farming] Tropical vacation at Roots Farm Guest Apartment, Dominica

Roots Farm karen at rootsfarm.info
Sun Oct 20 18:39:19 EDT 2013

Our guest apartment sits across a deep canyon from the bulk of our (non certified) organic farm, although many vegetables, herbs and fruit trees also are grown on the acre lot surrounding the house and apartment.  Air is spectacularly clean and sweet.  Weather variable/glorious.  Area rainforest, beautiful, peaceful,  Stars and rainbows.  Birds, including parrots, agouti, walking sticks, land crabs.  We'd welcome visits from fragrance free folks, especially fellow farmers.  For more information, check:  https://www.facebook.com/RootsFarmGuestApartment.  Happy to answer questions, just email.

Best wishes to all, 


Roots Farm Organic Produce
Fruits, Roots, Vegetables & Herbs
Cochrane, DOMINICA
767-449-3038 (before 7 P.M.)
karen at rootsfarm.info

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