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Mon Oct 7 10:02:22 EDT 2013

Etienne, thanks for telling us about the translation of this book by
Jean-Martin Fortier. I'd love to review it on my blog
www.sustainablemarketfarming.com. I'm interested to read about the
micro-farming method used on the 1.5 acres of La Grelinette.

As you say, there is room for various approaches to small-scale vegetable
production. I hope you will enjoy reading my book this winter. (I've
included metric units as well as US, so it's more accessible to more
people.) My book started with articles I wrote for Growing for Market
magazine (www.growingformarket.com) and grew from there.Updating and
filling out the topics took quite a lot of time! My book includes various
methods suitable for small farms, including those bigger than micro-farms,
which use some tractor equipment.

Another interesting book coming out in Spring 2014 is Grow a Complete Diet
by Cindy Connor.
book is "for folks who want to grow all, or a substantial amount, of
their food and do it in a way that has a small ecological footprint."

Lots of good winter reading

Pam Dawling

Author of Sustainable Market Farming, Intensive Vegetable Production on a
Few Acres
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