[Market-farming] Dogs at the market

Carol W Larsen sunborn at mhtc.net
Tue Oct 1 19:56:42 EDT 2013

The very large market that I go to banned dogs over 10 years ago because of
1. Eating, licking, 'nosing' produce.
2. Defecating or urinating on the walkway.
3. Taking food from/licking parts of/ barking at children in strollers or
4. Aggression between dogs.
5. Aggression toward people.
Thousands of people come to our market each Saturday and it just got out of
hand. There is a 75.00 fine for having a dog at the market but vendors, the
market manager or the police intercept owners and I understand that no one
has had to pay the fine. They just leave. 
 My youngest son was about 13 when he was bitten by a dog at the market who
looked very calm. We had to leave our stand to go the clinic right away.
Frankly, I wouldn't want the market to have that vulnerability. 

Carol Larsen
Sunborn llc

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